Omnilux Clear LED Mask

Unleash the clear, radiant skin you deserve withOmnilux Clear, the leading-edge solution for those battling acne. Our medical-grade, home LED therapy surpasses all expectations by fusing scientific ingenuity with clinically proven results, offering you a seamless path to acne-free skin.

Key Benefits of Omnilux Clear:

  • Targeted Blue Light Therapy: With a wavelength of 415nm, our blue light feature is engineered to zero in on and annihilate the P. acnes bacteria that thrive on your skin's surface. Prepare for a remarkable reduction in active acne.
  • Deep-Acting Red Light Therapy: The 633nm red light delves deep into the dermis, activating your body's innate healing mechanisms. This stimulates new collagen production, curtails excessive oil production, and alleviates inflammation and redness.
  • FDA, TGA, and CE Approved: Omnilux Clear stands as the only flexible, at-home LED mask to receive FDA, TGA, and CE certification for safe and effective acne treatment. A testament to our commitment to quality and user safety.
  • Dermatolist-Grade Treatment at Home: Our advanced light therapy technology allows you to enjoy dermatologist-level care in the comfort of your home. It's the most significant step towards maintaining and revitalizing acne-prone skin.

Clinically Proven Results:

Users of Omnilux Clear can anticipate a range of transformative effects:

  • A noticeable reduction in active acne and blemishes.
  • Accelerated healing, helping to clear breakouts swiftly.
  • Softened appearance of acne scars, aiding in restoring smooth skin texture.
  • Purely natural treatmentā€”no discomfort, adverse effects, or recovery time necessary.

AdoptOmnilux Clear into your skincare routine and experience the transformative power of the most effective home LED acne treatment on the market. Say goodbye to the challenge of acne and welcome a future of confident, clear-skin days.

    • Four 10-minute treatments per week for 6 weeks. Once the initial series is complete, use the device at the earliest signs of a breakout.

    Q:Ā What is the difference between the Clear and the Contour mask?
    A:Ā OurĀ ContourĀ devices have LED bulbs that emit bothĀ redĀ (633 nanometers) andĀ near-infraredĀ (830 nanometers) wavelengths of light. Red light helps prompt cellular repair and circulation for a more vibrant complexion. Near-infrared light stimulates new collagen and elastin production, resulting in plumper, firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

    OurĀ ClearĀ device has LED bulbs that emit bothĀ blueĀ (415 nanometers) andĀ redĀ (633 nanometers) wavelengths of light. Blue light works on a cellular level to neutralize and kill acne-forming bacteria on the surface of the skin. Red light reduces inflammation, boosts blood oxygen levels in the skin, and reduces sebum (oil) production by targeting the sebaceous glands.

    AlthoughĀ both devices have red light, they are indicated for different skin concerns.Ā 

    Q:Ā My face is red after treatments, is that normal?
    A:Ā Yes, some users might feel a slight warming sensation, but this warming effect is usually minimal. Since your body produces natural warmth, having the device so close to your body can create a warming sensation. Your device should never feel hot to the touch.

    Q:Ā Should I use the device in the morning, or at night?
    A:Ā Omnilux devices have benefits for both AM and PM users. Early Birds, wake up those skin cells, and start your day with an instant glow that lasts all day. Night Owls, ease your skin into its regenerative process and calm your skin for your best sleep. Consistency is key, so find what works best with your routine!

    Q:Ā Can I move around while using my Omnilux or do I have to stay stationary and remain plugged in while using my LED?
    A:Ā One of the benefits of all our devices is that they areĀ completely portable, so you can easily move around while wearing them. Some users like to lay back and relax, while others choose to move around their house during LED treatments!

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    Lauri Smith
    Lovinā€™ this!

    I was a bit skeptical but I love this. My skin is looking really good and far less dry than usual.